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Hidden in the pit, homogenized by their black suits, dozens of musicians from different countries with different experiences and tools, put their effort to serve a common purpose: to create a drive and go away because the important thing is the whole. But who are they? How does an opera house? “THE PIT” is a film about the musicians playing in the orchestra of the opera the Gran Teatre Liceu of Barcelona, about their lives, their work, their fears and passions.
Technical details
Original Title El Foso
English Title The Pit
Production Company Bausan Films
Co-producers TVC
With the participation of TVE
Genere Feature Documentary
Duration 110 min.
Version Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, Chinese, Albanian, Mongolian, Portuguese
Subtitles Spanish, English
Screening Format HDCAM, BLURAY
Shooting Format HD
Colour Color
Sound 5.1
Shooted in Barcelona, Albania, Mongolia, China and Brazil
Year 2012
Country Spain



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